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Welcome to Brady's Coated Products

Brady Coated Products provides contract, toll, and custom coating services for webs and rolls up to 65" wide. Additionally, Brady Coated Products performs compounding and converting services in support of our coating operations. These manufacturing services (coating, laminating, compounding, and slitting) are conducted in our Milwaukee, WI facility.

Brady Coated Products uses the following coating methods: slot die, gravure, Mayer wire-wound-rod, and reverse roll. Solvent and water based (aqueous) solutions, dispersions, and emulsions are coated onto webs - then dried and cured in our thermal ovens. Thermal oxidizing incinerators are used to destroy solvent exhaust vapors. Typical webs include: plastic, foil, cloth, and paper. Products include: adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA), specialty coatings, cast films, and many others.

Brady performs coating services for the following industries: electronics, automotive, aerospace, film casting, medical, adhesives, labels, and many others. Webs and rolls up to 65" wide are processed in Brady Coated Product's clean room environments.